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Excellent Remedies For Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus, often referred as diabetes is a disorder in which the blood sugar levels in the body goes high. This is a case in which the production of insulin in the body turns out to be inadequate. These days, the number of people suffering from diabetes is rising and this is mainly due to the rapid changes in lifestyle. People usually do not follow a healthy diet and hence, it paves way for diseases like diabetes. Such patients are required to take utmost care of themselves by doing some exercises regularly and following a healthy diet. The physician would suggest medicines and also undertake timely blood tests. However, it is vital to go for some healthy remedies in combination with medicines prescribed to treat diabetes in a successful manner.

  • Fenugreek seeds – Fenugreek is known to have a fiber called mucilaginous and this can surely do wonders for people suffering from diabetes. You can surely experience a lot of positive changes just by consuming it for a month. Soak about 10 grams of fenugreek seeds overnight and consume it the first thing early morning along with water. This is quite filling as well and the diabetic patients can start their day in a healthy way.


  • Knol Khol – Knol Khol or German turnip is a vegetable that has high nutritional value and has got very good amount of antioxidants. It is extremely helpful in treating diabetes. You can extract the juice of Knol Khol and consume it early morning before breakfast. Apart from this you can add some spices to it and cook a great lunch as well.
  • Bitter gourd – This is a common vegetable found in the homes of diabetic patients. It provides quick solution as it assists in influencing the glucose metabolism throughout the body. Extracting the juice of bitter gourd and consuming it early morning at least for a month will result in a lot of positive development.


  • Cinnamon – This is a wonderful spice that helps to stimulate the insulin activity and it is rich in antioxidants. You can add cinnamon powder to many things as it is flavorful. Try to add it when you cook vegetables, in your tea or in your soup. You can also boil about two sticks of cinnamon and consume the cinnamon water daily.


  • Black berry – Black berry is a wholesome remedy for diabetic patients and every part of it such as seeds, leaves and the berries are best in treating diabetes. The various constituents in it such as ellagic acid, anthocyanins and hydrolysable tannins help in controlling the blood sugar. As this fruit is seasonal, you can make a fine powder of the seeds and store it for later use.
  • Indian gooseberry – This is a healthiest remedy for diabetes and it is also packed with benefits of Vitamin C. Munching on one or two Indian gooseberries everyday is sure to bring positive results to the people suffering from this problem.
  • Mango leaves – Even though consumption of mango fruit is not suggested for diabetic patients, mango leaves have immense benefits associated with treatment of diabetes. This helps in the regulation of insulin levels. You can soak some mango leaves overnight and consume the water next morning or can also make a powder the dried mango leaves and eat a spoon of it everyday before breakfast.
  • Strawberries – This amazing fruit has low carbohydrates and hence, is considered one of the best fruits for diabetic patients. It has got good content of antioxidants and is tremendously helpful to treat the various health complications linked with diabetes. Consuming a few strawberries a day will surely make you feel good.


  • Pomegranate – Pomegranate is another fruit that has good content of phenolic antioxidants in it. It also assists in lowering the level of LDL cholesterol. Drinking a glass of pomegranate juice on a daily basis will surely be advantageous to the diabetics.

It is ideally not possible to consume all these food substances at once. You could keep experimenting with different combinations of food and conclude on the one that works in an ultimate way for you. Go for these healthy diabetic remedies and stay healthy!

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