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Finest Homemade Facial Scrubs To Enrich Your Beauty

Enriching the facial look is always essential as it is vital to look presentable. However, experimenting your skin with various beauty products is not advisable as it could prove harmful. Homemade beauty products have taken over the commercial beauty products to a considerable extent considering it’s advantages. Homemade facial scrubs are exceptionally healthy for your skin and this will absolutely give you excellent results. You can make your own facial scrubs depending on the skin type and skin problem. Here are some suggested facial scrubs that you can easily make in no time and these have established great results.


• Milk, banana and chickpea powder scrub – This facial scrub is very much helpful for improving the color of your skin and removal of dark spots. You can make this scrub by mixing two teaspoons of milk, one teaspoon of mashed banana and one teaspoon of chickpea powder. Milk helps in retaining the moisture of skin and also lightens the skin color. Banana is rightly meant for the removal of dark spots and blemishes and works wonderfully to brighten the dull skin. Chickpea powder is one finest kitchen ingredient that is used to boost your skin color.
• Yogurt, cucumber and oats scrub – This is a fantastic facial scrub for you to rejuvenate your skin and to give an excellent look to your face. Yogurt is one important ingredient that has lactic acid and it helps in dissolving the dead skin cells. Cucumber is featured with silica and antioxidants that is good for the rejuvenation of your skin and it also works well for removal of dark circles. Oats is a fiber that helps in soaking the excess oil on skin. Apart from this, it is also known for the healing properties. To make this facial scrub, you can use two teaspoons of yogurt, one teaspoon of cucumber extract and one teaspoon of oats and get superb results.


• Tomato, carrot and fenugreek seeds scrub – If you want to try the anti aging formula, then usage of this amazing facial scrub is recommended. Tomato is excellent for prevention of the various signs of aging and as excess oil is also removed from skin, it reduces acne. Carrot is another ingredient that is known for it’s anti aging properties and provides with great glow to your skin. Fenugreek seeds will lighten the skin tone. To prepare this scrub, you need to extract one teaspoon each of tomato juice and carrot juice and mix it with a teaspoon of coarsely ground fenugreek seeds. This also provides with a cool feeling to your skin.
• Avocado, orange and salt scrub – This facial scrub is a great method for healthy and glowing skin. To make this scrub, mash two teaspoons of avocado, a teaspoon of orange extracts and a teaspoon of salt. Avocado moisturizes your skin and as it consists of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, it helps in the repair of damaged skin. Orange is meant for improving the color and texture of your skin. Salt is an outstanding ingredient for the removal of dead skin cells.

Avocado and orange facial scrub
• Honey, lime and sugar scrub – This facial scrub is for those who want to slow down their aging and lighten the skin tone. You can easily make this scrub by mixing two teaspoons of honey, one teaspoon of lime juice and one teaspoon of sugar. Honey is well-known for the antibacterial properties. It has good amount of antioxidants and thereby aging process is made slow. Honey acts as a good moisturizer as well and you can get instant glow. Lime is known for its bleaching properties and sugar is the right ingredient for dead skin removal.

With these facial scrubs, exfoliation can be done in a brilliant way. Every constituent is known for their special properties and will deliver the desired results. Make the best use of these facial scrubs and flaunt your beautiful skin!


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