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Impacts Of Being A strict Parent

Parenting is a challenging task and is also quite interesting at the same time. Your style of parenting would create an impact on the mental as well as the physical development of your child. When your parenting style is good, the child would have a tendency to be cheerful, positive and disciplined. Usually parents have a belief that if they are strict towards the children, it will lead them to be disciplined. However, it is essential to know that there are numerous negative impacts associated with strict parenting. The below write up will give an idea on the consequences of being a strict parent.

  • Dishonesty – As the parents would not be supportive, children tend to suppress their feelings and they do not share it. This will gradually turn them to be dishonest beings. In order to avoid the kinds of punishment given by parents they will show their unfair behavior. This is mainly because they feel it is ideal to be dishonest than to get into a mess.
  • Dependent – Being dependent on each and every issue is not a good thing in the present world. When the parent is strict, the child will certainly be dependent and will never try things on own. They would develop a fear of experimenting things on their own and due to this, they usually lack behind. Such children usually do not question or clarify any doubt. Due to this, they will never be able to augment their skills.
  • Dissociate – Due to strict parenting, children will always be scared to blend with the world. They will not know how to deal with public and will usually express to be shy. This is not at all a good sign. To be responsible and happy children, it is important to know how to interact with different kinds of people.

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  • Lack of decision making capacity – Such children will often wait for the parents to take decisions. Be it going to their school or to play, everything would be decided by the parent. Hence, they will not be in a position to take decisions on their own. This will progressively create a harmful impact on their personality.
  • Lack of physical fitness – The mental health will have an outcome on the physical health as well. When children go through such a mental stress of being bothered by parents for every matter, they will not show curiosity in any physical activities. This could in turn lead to lack of physical fitness, which is not at all a healthy sign.

Considering all these disadvantages associated with being a strict parent, it is crucial for the parents to know that the children should be given their own space and liberty to do the things they want. This is one way that can help them to be smart and active. At the same time, the parents are required to keep a tab on their activities so that the independence is never misused.



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