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Spectacular Ancient Temples Of Tamil Nadu

The beauty of South India can never be described through words. Such is the rich culture and serene exquisiteness of nature of this region. The culture of South India can be depicted through the ancient temples. Tamil Nadu is one such South Indian state that is prominent for the numerous prehistoric temples that depict Dravidian style of architecture. Every temple here attracts numerous devotees all through the world. The atmosphere of every temple is definite to bring in tranquility and the reverence for deity by the pilgrims is truly a brilliant thing to witness. If you plan a trip to Tamil Nadu, then make sure you visit the below mentioned temples that are featured with jaw dropping architecture.

  • Palani – The renowned Thandayudhapani temple of Tamil Nadu is located in Dindigul and it is at a distance of about 112 kms from Madurai. Lord Murugan is the deity here and the temple stands at a height of 450 feet on the Palani hills. You need to climb 690 steps of stone to reach the temple. Apart from this, you can also make use of rope way and enjoy the picturesque view on the way. The mesmerizing view of the idol, which is a combination of nine minerals, will undoubtedly land you in the world of spirituality.

  • Madurai – The Meenakshi Amman temple in Madurai is a massive temple and the complex is spread over an area of 45 acres. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva known as Sundareshwara and goddess Parvati known as Meenakshi. The 12 gopuras here are enormously notable. You can enjoy the exquisiteness of the diverse aspects of the temple such as Ashta Shakthi Mandapam, golden lotus tank, Meenakshi Nayakkar Mandapam, Oonjal Mandapam, The Thousand pillar Mandapam, Vasantha Mandapam and the Swami Sundareshwarar shrine.The divinity in the eyes of the god will surely make you feel blessed.


  • Thanjavur – The Brihadeeshwara temple of Thanjavur was built more than thousand years ago by Rajaraja Chola 1 and the temple is dedicated to the supreme Lord Shiva. The intricacy in the architecture is undeniably an astounding thing to notice here. The temple is completely made up of granite. You can find a statue of Nandi towards the entrance and it is carved from a single stone. One important thing to notice here is that the temple has survived many earthquakes and also a major fire and has withstood some serious climatic changes as well. It has been declared as the World Heritage monument by UNESCO considering it’s incredible architectural fineness.
  • Rameshwaram – The Arulmigu Ramanatha Swami Temple of Rameshwaram is a renowned shrine and you can reach here though the famous Pamban bridge. You can find two Shiva lingams in the temple, which are worshipped as Ramalingam and Vishwalingam. The greatest element of this temple to observe is the huge corridors and towards the outdoor corridor you can find about 1212 pillars that are splendidly designed. There are 22 thirthas (Temple tanks) that are sacred and the water of these thirthas is said to have medicinal properties.


  • Chidambaram – The Thillai Nataraja Temple of Chidambaram is another remarkable temple where The Lord Of Dance (Nataraja) is worshipped.  The temple complex is spread over an area of 50 acres. One of the best things you can witness here is the golden tiled roof that is eye-catching. The temple is featured with 9 gateways and 5 sabhas which are Chit Sabhai, Kanaka Sabhai, Nrithya Sabhai, Raja Sabhai and Deva Sabhai. You can also observe various beautiful shrines of Sivagami, Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga and many others. There are 9 water bodies in and around the temple.
  • Kanyakumari – The Arulmigu Bhagavathyamman Temple of Kanyakumari is one such divine shrine that is known to have tremendously well-designed architecture and you can’t stop admiring it. It is believed that Parasuram constructed this temple 3000 years back. Apart from the main shrine, you can find many other attractive spots here such as the Triveni Sangam, where you can find meeting point of Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. The best time to be here is evenings when you can enjoy the splendid view of sunset. You can also visit the Vivekananda rock memorial to spend some good time. The Thiruvalluvar statue is another monument that needs appreciation.


The people of Tamil Nadu are privileged to be in a land with numerous ancient temples that have a rich history. A visit to the temples of this state will make you fall in love with this place and will bring a delightful feeling in you.

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